We pride ourselves on putting the customer first and offering a through-life partnership so we are on hand after you complete the process to help with any queries. See our client testimonials below:

I undertook my PfCO in 2017 and began using my drone as part of a new video production business shortly afterwards. I didn’t know anything about business or what really separated the different providers of the qualification. I recommend the Drone Pilot Academy for two reasons: 1) What Jim doesn’t know about flying, isn’t worth knowing. He’s the real deal and was a real pilot with experience working in UK airspace. 2) The support I’ve had over the last year since setting up has been second to none; from helping me develop a rosta of great clients, to keeping me up to date with CAA documentation, borrowing kit and collaborating, it’s been amazing and I’m very grateful. I continue to recommend the Academy to all and sundry – don’t hesitate to contact me via my website www.radarfilm.co.uk if you want to fact check this testimonial  Chris – Radar Film

Survey Roofing Ltd looked around at the various courses on offer and selected DPA because it offered the full package that we were looking for. We didn’t just need the theory course but flying training too. Having all the drones available to test so that we could make an informed decison on which one was best suited to our needs was invaluable. We had a bespoke course that was tailored just for us and now we feel confident to complement our business with Drone surveys. We also have the reassurance of the follow-on support to fall back on if required.  Andy – Survey Roofing Ltd

Not only was I impressed with the professionalism of the theory course and practical flying training but I continue to be with the after course support offered. Having the ability to call the helpline for advice with anything from quotations, regualtion queries for complex tasks through to technical issues has been invaluable.  Neil – VTOL Media

DGTL Media switched to the Drone Pilot Academy to train our new pilots and they have all had a fantastic experience. Not only are the instructors credible in the industry with their hands-on experience but the practical flying training has meant our pilots return from the course ready for operations.  Sam – DGTL Media

Our Company requested a bespoke course from the Drone Pilot Academy for all our operators which was run at our head office.  Excellent Course tailored to our experience and requirements. The Operations Manual workshop was the icing on the cake for us as it meant we got this done and dusted in no time and were ready for our flight assessments in a couple of weeks. Definitely recommend this course.  Ben – Chesterfield

Really enjoyed the course and would recommend the DPA to anyone thinking of obtaining their PfAW.  Delivered in a very logical, progressive and thorough sequence with practical exercises throughout which helped my understanding and reinforced the theory.  Some great real life examples from the ex-military instructor too.  Paul – Manchester

This is the all round package.  The course was recommended by Korec, the Company we purchased the Agricultural drone from as the instructors have all operated the specialist equipment.  As the instructor stays overnight at the same venue the fact that you can chat about the business in general over dinner and a few drinks paid dividends – I even got some good business leads to follow.  Will – Darlington