About Us

Would you like to earn money from one of the fastest growing industries in the economy at the moment?

Unmanned Aircraft Systems or ‘Drones’ as they are commonly referred to by the media can be used in so many applications.  Some companies see it as a natural bolt on to their existing business model or there are many new start-ups who offer a number of services:

  • Aerial Photography for Marketing – get that unique shot to showcase your property or event.
  • Aerial Surveys – take the expense and time constraints out of hiring costly scaffolding or cherry pickers for those difficult to reach places.
  • Agronomy – Conduct crop surveys for early detection of plant health and yield.
  • Topographical surveys – Scan huge areas in minutes rather than days with exacting results over the entirity of the areas not just sample points.
  • Aerial Video – Get a different perspective from the air to complement ground footage.
  • Aerial Inspections – Be it electricity pylons, solar farms, wind turbines or Church Spires there are so many ways in which a drone can save time and money for industry.

Whatever your interest our experienced team will guide you seamlessly through the process to get you qualified.

Our instructors have an extremely credible background and are all ex-military aviators with a wealth of experience in training and instruction and can guide you through the commercial course or the practical flight training.

For those of you who would like to take the commercial route there are a number of CAA mandated stages to follow which we can take you through to finally obtaining your prized ‘Permission for Commercial Operations’. These are:

  • Theoretical Ground School and Examination
  • Practical Flying Training
  • Guidance on how to compile you Operations Manual
  • Flight Assessment

We pride ourselves on the practical nature of our course which steers away from the endless monotony of power point presentations whilst imparting all aspects of the CAA syllabus. The course continually looks at practical applications and examples of how you will finally operate when fully qualified.

If you already have any aviation qualifications you may well be entitled to bypass some aspects of the course. Full details are on the CAA website or you can simply give us a call.

The traditional route for most commercial operators however will be to start from the very beginning. We offer 2 mainstream courses. A residential course where everything is included; all you need is the fuel to get you there – all food and accommodation costs are covered in this package. Alternatively, if you would prefer a bespoke course tailored to you or your company’s needs then we can arrange something to suit your busy schedules and requirements.

So why choose the Drone Pilot Academy over others?

Vision Statement
To be the ultimate one-stop-shop for all things drones.

Mission statement
To provide a complete and trusted solution for commercial drone operators globally.

At the Drone Pilot Academy we are here to help you every step of the way. We don’t just get you through the course and call it a day. We pride ourselves on:

  • Keeping you up to date on industry related matters through our Facebook and email service so you can concentrate on growing and developing your business.
  • Offering all our members with a free Industry and Safety conference once a year so you can demonstrate your commitment to operating safety along with guest speakers from an array of related areas.
  • A workshop to get you through the Operations Manual where other companies charge extra!
  • Small classroom sizes so you get the attention you would expect from your investment.
  • We aren’t your competition on completion of the course.  We are here to help you get business.

The reason we do this is that we have a number of clients who require operators throughout the UK and we want to ensure they operate to the high standard that will maintain the integrity of our brand.