Chris Wright

Chief Instructor & Flight Assessor


  • Helicopter Tactics Course Instructor 
  • Retired RAF Flight Sergeant
    • WSOp Sensor Operator
    • WSOp Generic Instructor
    • Expeditionary Air Wing Training
    • WSOp Helicopter crewman
    • Aircraft Engineer

It all began with the Royal Air Force (RAF)

Chris began his aviation career in 1996, and spent 23 years in the RAF, before continuing in aviation as a civilian contractor. A qualified aeronautical engineer, helicopter crewman, sensor operator and helicopter tactics & gunnery instructor. Accumulating over 2,500 hours on various aircraft, mainly on the Puma HC 1 (1700hrs) and Reaper MQ 9 (800hrs).

Chris also spent a prolonged period as the crewman Standards Officer responsible for internal standards within a Squadron as well as liaison with RAF Support Helicopter Standards Evaluation and Rotary Wing Operational Evaluation Training Unit. 

Chris is an experienced RAF Central Flying School qualified instructor and has instructed in Helicopter Tactics, Air Gunnery, Electronic Warfare, Weapons Systems Operator Generic Training, Expeditionary Air Wing Training and has also instructed for the European Defence Agency. He has experience in aviation operations in most environmental conditions including the inside the Arctic Circle, Africa and the Middle East.

Chris first held a PfCO in November 2018 in the multi-rotor category and has worked mainly as a sub-contractor for other companies that operate UAS aircraft. He completed the A2CoC and converted to the GVC in 2021. Chris also delivers the Basic Thermal course as an introduction to working with thermally capable drones.

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