Multinnov Stereo 2

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Top Features

GPS-free flight made easy

  • Stabilization by a stereoscopic camera
  • Odometry
  • Active surface tracking
  • Active trajectory control in pipes

Nimble in confined spaces

  • Small diameter (39cm)
  • Powerful lighting system (12K lumens)
  • Enhanced vision through steam and dust
  • Robust radio and video link

Facilitating data collection

  • 4K Photo – Video
  • Real-time 1080p video feedback
  • 180° rotating camera
  • Access to flight logs

Improve flight safety

  • Protective cage
  • Collision tolerant behaviour
  • Active protection by sensors
  • Easy maintenance
  • Training included

Tailoring a drone for confined space

Protective cage

Protective cage

Allows contact with the walls without risk to the machine.

In a confined environment, trying to avoid any contact is unrealistic. It is therefore necessary to be able to bounce on the surfaces and continue the inspection.

Smaller size

Smaller size

A small-diameter drone is more nimble to fly and fit in tight environments. Moreover, with a diameter of less than 40cm, the Stereo2 can cross most manholes.

Optical stabilization

Optical stabilization

Today, optical stabilization is the only way to overcome the lack of GPS signals in confined areas.

The Stereo2 is also able to record its movements in real-time for the pilot and to output them for 3D reconstruction.



Lack of light is a recurring problem in confined environments. Yet, it is essential for the cameras to be able to record the area.

A wide, uniform, and powerful lighting is mandatory to operate effectively.

Dust resistance

Dust resistance

Present absolutely everywhere, dust clogs up ventilation and causes the equipment to heat up.

The Stereo2 has a passive ventilation system with wide openings that allows quick cleaning only with dry air.

Once airborne, indirect lighting methods such as the Stereo2’s dust mode are essential to ensure good visibility.

HD video feedback

HD video feedback

The better the definition of the drone’s video feedback, the better the pilot’s ability to understand the hostile environments he is flying in.

Assistance modes



Activates a protective bubble on the front of the machine. Protects the sensors by keeping a distance set by the operator.

Useful to keep the drone at a fixed distance from a wall to inspect it

Eliminates the risk of touching the edges of a pipe



Aligns the drone at a 90° angle from the surface to inspect. Also works on curved walls and therefore allows the drone to inspect tanks without having to touch the yaw axis. The pilot remains in control of the yaw at all times, the drone will take over as soon as the joystick returns to the middle.



Keeps the drone at a set distance from any ceiling. Especially useful in pipes to let the drone manage the tracking of the slope.

Recording in 4K

The goal of any inspection is to get the best possible data set. For this, the Stereo2 carries a 4K camera.

Its fixed focus is factory set to provide a sharp image that will not be disturbed by any deposits on the lens.

The iso setting is automatic to simplify the pilot’s work. To adjust the exposure at close range, simply adjust the power of the onboard lighting system.

12 000 lumens

The Stereo2 is equipped with a lighting system tailored for inspections in confined areas.

The 6 LED panels are adjustable from the remote control.

4 of them provide uniform illumination in the front half of the drone, and 2 follow the camera movements to provide the best lighting possible for close-up inspections.

It is also possible to only use the panels from one side of the machine to highlight the surface imperfections by lighting effect.


Facing dust

Industrial environments often come with a lot of dust. Once airborne, lifted from surfaces by the movement of the propellers, an opaque cloud can quickly take shape.

The indirect lighting system of the Stereo2 allows it to keep a perfect view of the environment in these conditions and allows the pilot to easily complete his inspection.

Range extender

Able to move your transmitting and receiving point to the most convenient location for you.Improve your range in the most challenging environments.

Stay safe – The range extender can enter dangerous areas for you and thus avoid any problems related to your safety.

Sending/Receiving – Move your transmitting point up to 10 meters to always keep a good signal with your drone even in the harshest conditions.

Best signal – Amplify your signal and transmit it only in one direction to receive it from further away.

What’s in the box

1 x Stereo 2 Drone with a protective cage

1 x Drone case

1 x Remote controller

3 x Batteries

1 x charger

Protective cage spare parts

1 x Set of propellers

Optional extras

Range Extender

Additional information

Multinnov Stereo 2 Options

Stereo 2 Drone, Stereo 2 Drone + Range Extender


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