Multinnov Roview 2

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Top Features

  • 4K Camera
  • 1080P Live video feedback
  • weight – 4KG
  • Wireless connection
  • 2 hours autonomy
  • can float / sails
  • Waterproof hull

The Turret
The camera can be rotated 360° horizontally and 180° vertically, allowing you to inspect the entire environment surrounding the Roview2.

Waterproof hull 
Capable of operating on land and on water.

The onboard battery allows for 2 hours of travel with the LEDs on or 8 hours standing still.

Obstacle clearance 
Its weight/tyre area ratio allows it to cross all kinds of obstacles

Roview2 is equipped with 6 LED panels allowing it to operate in any dark environment.

Attachment point
It also has a GoPro-type attachment for various sensors, (gas sensor, location system) which allows it to descend into a manhole or any other confined environment.

HD video feedback

HD video feedback

The better the definition of the drone’s video feedback, the better the pilot’s ability to understand the hostile environments they are operating in.

Take accurate measurements

The crosshair is scaled so you can do live measurements using the video feedback. Take Measurements on different points of interest dynamically during the inspection.

Measurements of travelled distance

The Roview2’s onboard lidar allows for dynamic distance measurement. With these measurements, a scale is associated with the test pattern displayed within the video feed with an error of 1%, the encoded wheels allow for accurate displacement measurement.

Safety features of the Roview2

The Roview2 is capable of intuitive reversing, allowing it to easily drive in both directions through the pipes. Its 30° rollover warning, telemetric feedback and stability allow for a safe and qualitative inspection.

Naturally stable up to 45° lateral and 60° front to back.


Range extender

Able to move your transmitting and receiving point to the most convenient location for you. Improve your range in the most challenging environments.

Stay safe – The range extender can enter dangerous areas for you and thus avoid any problems related to your safety.

Sending/Receiving – Move your transmitting point up to 10 meters to always keep a good signal with your drone even in the harshest conditions.

Best signal – Amplify your signal and transmit it only in one direction to receive it from further away.



4K 30 FPS camera
Automatic ISO setting Autofocus
Micro SD recording, FOV 16:9 sensor
160° 12MPstandard Lens – no distortion

Communication Link

2.4 GHz video band (ISM)
1080P video stream (FULL HD)
Intuitive touch screen
Direct view range > 2Km CE standard
/ 20 km < FCC standard

Radio command

2.4 GHz radio band (ISM)
Optional range extender
Long range radio

What’s in the box

1 x Roview 2

1 x Transport case

1 x Remote controller

3 x Batteries

1 x Fast chargers for batteries and remote controller


Optional extras

Range Extender

Additional battery

additional screen

Additional information

Multinnov Roview 2 Options

Roview 2 Drone, Roview 2 Drone + Range extender


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