Ground Control Board (GCB)

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Quality assurance for your survey

Back up the accuracy of the data you provide when conducting a 3D photogrammetry mission with these Ground control boards. Compare know points on the ground to the data capture via drone to provide quality assurance that the data you are providing is accurate.

Basic survey principals will outline that data captured via drone should be compared to know values that have been captured independently via traditional survey means, be it total station or GNSS rover to compare the results making sure that they are within tolerance of the outputs required.

The ground control boards can be placed through out the area of interest and due to the contrast in colour will stand out in the imagery captured by the drone in flight enabling accurate measurements of the centre point of each board to be picked out and compared to the observations captured with a total station or GNSS rover.

The ground control boards have four holes pre drilled to enable fixing pegs to be installed to ensure no movement of the boards to maintain accuracy of the survey throughout.

Individual cost – £24.00 per board

Bundle price x 5 ground control boards – £100.00


Width: 49.5cm approx.

Length: 49.5cm approx.

*Fixing pegs not included



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Ground control board bundle

1 x Ground control board, 5 x Ground control boards bundle


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