Hull College Brings Drone Training to Construction Syllabus

15 March 2023

In Partnership with Drone Pilot Academy

Hull College is making waves in education by partnering with Drone Pilot Academy (DPA) to offer drone qualifications to students within the construction faculty. This innovative partnership is aimed at attracting new students to the college and helping them stand out in the job market. With drone technology becoming more prevalent in many industries, this move by Hull College is a step towards the future of education.

Hull College is one of the first colleges in the country to offer this kind of drone course, and it is setting the pace for others to follow. The benefits for the college are clear – it opens doors for pupils, attracts new students, and helps them stay ahead of the curve.

How did the partnership come about? 

The idea to add drone qualifications to the construction course actually came from a student at Hull College. The learner noticed that autonomy and remote systems are where the industry is headed, so suggested the idea to course lecturer Andrew Bannister. Andrew got in touch with Chris and James at the Drone Pilot Academy, to set up a partnership offering DPA courses to students. 

The arrangement is not just relevant to the construction industry. There are many other departments and industries that would benefit from offering drone courses, so this partnership may just be the beginning of what will eventually be standard practice in curriculums across the country. From surveying to engineering, construction, estate agency, and even film and set design, there is a whole world of opportunity out there for drone skills. 

How will this qualification benefit students? 

By learning to fly drones, students will be equipped with the latest industry knowledge and skills, which is essential for staying up to date with the rapidly evolving construction industry over the next 5-10 years. Graduates leave with a CAA qualification at the end of the course as well as the practical knowledge to employ drones when they start their employment, bringing an additional skillset to their CVs and making them stand out against the next candidate who may be applying for the same job. 

With the growing use of automation and GPS-based technology, drones are becoming a vital tool for construction site management, health and safety, and project monitoring. By enrolling in the drone pilot academy, students will gain a competitive edge in the job market with techniques that are in high demand across the industry. Graduates of the academy will be able to pursue, and stand out within, a wide range of construction career paths, including surveying, project management, and site inspection.

What Role will Drones Play in Future Education?

The partnership between Hull College and the DPA is an exciting development in the education industry. This move is forward-thinking, giving students an edge in the job market and their relative fields.

Incorporating DPA training into college and school programmes is truly staying ahead of the curve, and ensures students are keeping up to date with technological developments. The construction industry is moving towards the use of drones, robotics, and automation. Educational institutions which keep up with these trends ensure that their students are prepared for the future.

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