Drone Cinematic Masterclass

Attend our one day Cinematic Drone Masterclass and learn from a seasoned professional who will be able to teach you how to enhance the footage you are offering to your client base.

David Lund has a history of exciting and prestigious projects to his name but more importantly has a passion for teaching in a way that is engaging and absorbing to students. His shows and live demonstrations at the National Photography Show at the NEC are packed and always receive amazing feedback. The Drone Pilot Academy are overjoyed at securing such an accomplished professional as their photographic partner.


David Lund is the most exciting new photographer in the country. TIM WALLACE / PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR 2014

David’s work especially with Liquids is quite extraordinary, he has pushed the boundaries to a new level. KARL TAYLOR / HASSELBLAD TUTOR

Hasselblad is well known for capturing unsurpassed detail but the manor in which David works especially with liquids delivers imagery that is quit simply beautiful. NICKY WEST / HASSELBLAD

David’s works spans many industries but he first began as a creative branding specialist before moving into his renowned reputation for liquid photography. His client base is extremely impressive with projects for British Steel, Baileys, Shell, Fosters, Grants Whiskey and the promotional video for the auction of the World’s most expensive earings which sold at £15m! He holds a Permission for Commercial Operations and now routinely uses his drone for exciting projects. See how he used the DJI Phantom 4 to create this masterpiece for British Steel.

The one day course held throughout the UK will cover the following areas:

What is the objective of the film, or still?

Is it to inspire or to inform? The two objectives require very different approaches which will be explained with a focus on how to not just understand the product but the prospective customer as well understanding their needs and requirements.

Understanding the camera settings.

  • Why manual?
  • Why are polarising filters are essential?
  • Understanding depth of field and when to use it.

How to fly your drone to create a cinematic feel.

  • Sweeping pans – smooth left to right
  • Importance of being close to an object, ground etc as you pull away – creating a visual dynamic
  • Looking and understanding the shapes of spaces created between objects.
  • Understanding composition

Hollywood JIBS

  • What are they and why are they used – And how to replicate the exact same effect.

Understanding Lighting

  • Adding lighting into your scene
  • Why does the time of day you shoot matter?
  • The golden hour – Sunset. Why is the time of day important?
  • How the sensors in these drones differ from DSLR camera sensors.

Colour Grading

  • Examples of before and after
  • Why is it important – benefit to the client
  • Understanding how to add perceived value to your clients’ stills or movies
  • Using the software, Devinci Resolve, final cut pro, Photoshop, lightroom

Enhancing Stills

  • How to bring out the best quality from a still image. How you turn an ordinary everyday drone still into an image that has spectacular visual impact.
  • If you are shooting buildings then how plugins and tricks can create a strong hard structured look. Making the image look very dynamic and almost 3D.
  • Demonstrate how even a simple cover of a solid colour set to ‘Photoshop’s ‘Soft Light’ effect can have the most incredible difference by adding warmth or coolness as appropriate.


  • How to structure your edit, unfold and tell a story.
  • Importance of change of pace and perspective, to create visual engagement, and unfold reveal footage.

Understanding your client

  • Every client is different.
  • Never assume the brief is accurate. Clients use language in different ways, what they think reflects one thing and can mean something very different in filming creative terms. Learn how to probe the brief, get inside the core requirement.

Common Mistakes.

  • How to avoid the usual drone photography practices that undervalue your creativity

Drone Cinematic Masterclass