Applying for a FLYER and OPERATOR ID with the CAA

27 March 2023

What is a FLYER ID?

You must pass the Civil Aviation Authority’s (CAA) official theory test to get a FLYER ID before flying a drone or model aircraft that weighs 250g and above in the UK. The FLYER ID is proof that you have passed a basic theory test and that you know how and where to fly safely and legally. The test is free and there is advice on the CAA website on how to prepare for it.

Example of a FLYER ID: John Smith – GBR-RP-XXXXXXXXXXX

What is an OPERATOR ID?

The operator is usually the person or organisation that owns the drone or model aircraft, but not always. For example: 

a- If you’re younger than 18 and you own a drone or model aircraft, you must ask your parent or guardian to register for an OPERATOR ID. You’ll still be able to fly as long as you have a FLYER ID. 

b- If this is for a company it must match the company’s registered legal name exactly. If you or your company own several drones then you must label them with exactly the same OPERATOR ID. 

The OPERATOR ID must be renewed each year and costs £10 per annum. You do not need to register if you’ll only use a drone or model aircraft that weighs below 250g and is a toy or does not have a camera.

Example of an Operator ID: Drone Pilot Academy Ltd – GBR-OP-XXXXXXXXXXX

Please note it is against the law to fly a drone without having the required IDs.

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