About Us


Built on a foundation of years of military precision and discipline, the Drone Pilot Academy has hand picked its instructors for their experience in training and instruction and knowledge of the Unmanned Aircraft Systems’ (UAS)  industry.  With an extensive knowledge of civil and military aviation regulations our highly trained team can be totally relied upon to impart the information you need to go on to safely conduct any task to your clients’ exact requirements.  We have instructors from an extensive background including the Queens’s pilot, fast jet instructors, the boss of an operational training unit, current airline pilots and the head of the RAF’s standards unit – the one that checks the instructors out!




Our instructors have experience with all the CAA’s mandated topics and will be on hand each evening to provide more detailed instruction if required.  We are confident we will get you through the course and as such charge no resit fee for the theoretical exam or flight assessment.  Although there is a theoretical part to this course we pride ourselves on the practical methods we use to teach the subject. They are interactive and enjoyable and replicate how you will do ‘business’ on a daily basis. You will leave the course with the full confidence of how you should conduct yourself when you finally receive the coveted Permission for Commercial Operations  (PfCO) from the CAA.