DJI Phantom 4 RTK H245 Outdoor Case – XT540

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What Stands out

• Operate in temperatures from -30°C to +90°C (-22°F to 194°F)

• Holds 8 x flight batteries – no need to waste time on site waiting for batteries to charge

• Ready to fly – Drone is ready to fly straight out of the case

• Trolley system – why carry when you can roll using the integrated trolley system

• Meets the strict IP67 standard and is therefore 100% dust, air and water resistant

Professional Transport Case for DJI Phantom 4 RTK Drones & Multispectral

Premium quality waterproof transport case for DJI Phantom 4 RTK drones – also suitable for the Phantom 4 Multispectral. This outdoor case impresses with its wide range of space thanks to the high-quality foam insert and is therefore ideally suited for the industrial sector. The XT540 H245 Phantom 4 RTK Outdoor Case also has the optionally extra of also offering a built-in  trolley system, which comes with integrated wheels and a particularly stable telescopic handle. In addition to the drone, the inlay also includes up to 8 flight batteries (alternatively 2 WB37 batteries), the remote control of the RTK, as well as chargers and hubs, tablet and other accessories.

In addition, the lid compartment offers a safe storage location for even more accessories. The Phantom 4 RTK can be stored directly inside without the original DJI gimbal protection thanks to the camera and gimbal protector, allowing for the drone to be secured immediately in the case.

The camera remains locked and securely protected. At the same time, this protective device can also be easily removed so that the original DJI gimbal protection can remain mounted on the drone. The partial bump foam in the lid leaves room for the mounted propellers ready-to-fly. This professional case is designed for the Phantom 4 RTK/Multispectral. Nevertheless, the identical drones of the Phantom 4 series also fit into the case.


With the high-quality processed inlays made of fine-pored PE rigid foam, expensive drone equipment always remains as protected as possible, stored neatly and ready for transport at any time. The shell of the outdoor suitcases is made of impact-resistant polypropylene, complies with the military standard and guarantees safe transport by car, plane or train. The NATO labels STANAG 4280 – DEF STAN 81-41 make these suitcases suitable for a variety of applications such as photography, outdoor sports, military, special operations, broadcasting, the manufacturing industry in general and all those sectors where exceptional resistance to impacts and atmospheric influences is required.

The Outdoor Case is designed for a temperature ranging from -30°C to +90°C (-22°F to 194°F), and meets the strict IP67 standard and is therefore 100% dust, air and water resistant. An absolutely break-proof hard case which is equipped with secure, two-stage double-throw closures and eyelets for attaching padlocks and a carrying strap.

The robust hinge runs over the entire trunk length and is therefore extraordinarily stable. The pins are made of high-quality nylon and glass fibre with guarantee corrosion protection.

Thanks to a fully automatic pressure equalization valve, the hard shell case is also suitable for air transport. The ergonomic soft handle ensures a soft wearing comfort.


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