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What Stands out

• Operate in temperatures from -30°C to +80°C

• Holds 6 x flight batteries – no need to waste time on site waiting for batteries to charge

• Ready to fly – Drone is ready to fly straight out of the case

• Trolley system – why carry when you can roll using the integrated trolley system

• Meets the strict IP67 standard and is therefore 100% dust, air and water resistant

• Holds RTK Base station

Professional Transport Case for DJI Phantom 4 RTK Drones & DJI Base Station

Maximum protection for the DJI Phantom 4 RTK with Ground Station in this indestructible Outdoor Case by TOMcase. The drone is stowed in the high-quality case insert with mounted propellers (Ready-to-Fly) with or without the original gimbal protection. The high-quality inlay made of PE rigid foam has the integrated TOMcase gimbal protection (optionally removable) and ensures safe storage of all components. This provides maximum protection for both the drone and accessories. The practical case offers plenty of space for the Phantom 4 RTK, the RT Base Station, up to 6 flight batteries, the remote control of the RTK, as well as chargers and hubs, tablet and much more. In addition, the lid compartment offers a safe storage place for further accessories. The fine-pored foam inlay has a special coating to prevent dirt and scratches.

• Suitable for DJI Phantom 4 RTK with mounted propellers and “Ready-to-Fly” gimbal protection
• The removable camera and gimbal protection allows the copter to be safely stored in the case with or without original protection.
• Additional universal compartment for all kinds of accessories
• Absolutely impact-resistant and safe outdoor case
• 100% dust- and waterproof (according to IP67 standard)
• Temperature resistant from -30°C to +80°C
• Automatic pressure compensation valve – suitable for air transport
• Secure and user-friendly folding closures
• Load-bearing hinge, which can be opened and closed over the entire length of the case
• Practical trolley with integrated wheels and sturdy telescopic handle
• All materials are designed for continuous use
• Equipped with black rigid foam made of fine-pored polyethylene of the highest quality; very precisely
processed. Special surface sealing against dirt and scratches.
• Trolley: External dimensions (WxHxD) approx. 687x528x286 mm, Internal dimensions (WxHxD) approx.
620x460x250 mm, Unladen weight approx. 9 kg, Volume approx. 71 litres
• Top Quality – MADE IN GERMAN

The inlay fits:
– 1x DJI Phantom 4 RTK including mounted propellers and with or without gimbal protection,
– 5x flight batteries (+1 battery in copter) = total 6 flight batteries,
– 1x RTK Ground Station,
– 1x Phantom 4 RTK remote control,
– 2x charger incl. cable management (RTK or standard),
– 2x 3-fold loading hub,
– 4x WB37 battery,
– 1x charging hub for WB37 battery,
– 1x update cable (Lenspen or DJI),
– 1x Tablet up to 10.2″ (e.g. Galaxy, Ipad Air and Ipad Mini) and/or sun visor,
– 1 large universal compartment with lid for safe storage of accessories such as gimbal protection,
power bench, card reader, etc..,
– Spare propeller and shoulder strap for attaching the remote control,
– 2x SD card holder (for a total of 6 SD cards),
– 3x microSD card holder,
– 1x insurance or business card compartment

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