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What can you do with NUBIGON?

  • Point cloud with as-built CAD overlay
  • Visualize point clouds in insightful and appealing ways
  • Fuse design and as-built models with point clouds
  • Produce high-quality videos, screenshots, and orthophotos
  • Annotate, measure, and tour virtual environments
  • Extract floor plans and elevations from point clouds


point cloud solutions at a glance

1-museum-lyndhurst copy.jpg

Visualize Point Clouds

> Easily display point clouds in insightful and appealing ways
> Render the finest details with our signature x-ray view
> Choose from an ever-growing list of point cloud display modes

2-terrestrial-pqs copy.jpg

Produce Videos

> Generate appealing point cloud fly-throughs
> Unveil details with clip animations & versatile camera paths
> Develop videos for your clients, website & social media

Orthophotos & Screenshots

> Quickly capture high-resolution screenshots
> Generate high-quality orthophotos directly from point clouds
> Export scaled and geo-referenced orthophotos to AutoCAD

4-prologue-pc-cad-ortho copy.jpg

Combine Deliverables

> Overlay point clouds with CAD drawings
> Jointly view point clouds and BIM models
> Enrich point clouds with meshes


> Quickly measure distances and areas in desired units
> Confidently accurate thanks to surface-like point cloud display
> Add notes and export measurements as CSV files

6-cross-section copy.jpg

Extract As-Builts

> Interactively extract point cloud sections
> Accurately generate CAD drawings for as-built modelling
> Extract surfaces from point clouds for BIM and CAD

5-multi-sensor-1920-1080 copy.jpg

Enrich & Explore

> Enjoy seamless point cloud navigation
> Explore projects with gamepad controllers
> Add lights and annotations for immersive experiences

Insightful & appealing visualization

Point clouds can be hard to work with and even harder to communicate. We offer the highest quality point cloud visualization to help you tackle these challenges.


Life-like point clouds without breaking a sweat

With our powerful real-time render engine, you don’t have to deal with the conventionally sparse appearance of point clouds. We make it easier to view and present point clouds of any size.

Visualize even the finest details of your projects

Reality capture professionals painstakingly capture the built environment. To do justice to these efforts, our solution preserves the original data accuracy while delivering premium visualization.

Display modes that fit your project

Depending on your project, you may want to display point clouds in different ways. We offer versatile options to help you demonstrate the quality of your work.

Visualize colours with ultimate realism

Make the most out of coloured point clouds with our point cloud visualization solutions. Produce realistic displays without the need for panoramic images.


Draw attention to the finest surface details

Our shaded views help demonstrate even the finest details of your dataset. See your point cloud at full-resolution, even as a close-up.


Distinguish surface features by intensity

The intensity values contain valuable information about surface characteristics. Customize the intensity color scale for maximum impact.

Reveal details behind layers of point cloud data

Uncover architectural details hidden under layers of point cloud data with our x-ray view. Compatible with all display modes, this is a powerful way to showcase your projects.


Customize views when elevation matters

For any project where height is an important factor, you can deploy a customizable elevation view.

As-built Modelling with Point Clouds

A fresh approach to streamline your as-built modelling workflow


Interactively extract point cloud sections

Interactively produce detailed point cloud sections. Export sections into CAD and BIM software, instead of forcing entire point clouds into solutions that cannot handle them.


Accurately generate CAD drawings

Easily sketch floor plans with our drawing assistance tools. Our software will automatically fit the drawings to the point cloud and produce accurate deliverables.


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