DJI FPV Ready to Fly Premium Case – XT505 H280

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A Premium case for the DJI FPV Drone – With the ability to store the FPV drone with mounted propellers the drone can be airborne within seconds and can carry additional equipment.

Maximum protection for the DJI FPV drone –  with a high-quality inlay made of fine-pored PE rigid foam this case can protect the drone and all other accessories that come with it.

Ready To Fly – The drone can be stowed safely in the case with the propellers and / or DJI protective struts mounted, just take it out and take off.

Maximum Storage – The FPV compartment is designed so that the mounted propellers are stored in the inlay. The drone can be stowed in the inlay with or without the original gimbal protection. All parts remain optimally protected and can still be easily removed. The multi-part inlay offers two independent inserts in the upper and lower areas of the case.

The upper insert on the left is designed for the FPV drone and smaller accessories. The upper insert on the right offers space for remote control, VR glasses, several flight batteries, a glasses battery and other accessories. The lower levels consist of a universal insert on the left, which is suitable for an iPad Pro 11 and an insert on the right for additional equipment such as the motion controller, another headset battery and the additional batteries. The compartment offers enough space for multi-chargers (equipped with 3 batteries) with connected power pack and connection cable.

Charge on the go – The case is set up to allow up to 3 battery’s to be charged at a time by connecting to a mains power supply. The case allows for the charging wires provided with the FVP drone to run from the charging bay inside the case to a mains power supply.

The multifunctional inlay is sealed with a special coating – as extra protection against scratches and dirt . The lid is equipped with a convoluted foam and also protects the equipment during storage and transport.

Key Details

  • Impact-resistant outdoor drone case.
  • 100% water, dust and airtight (IP67 standard).
  • Temperature resistance from -30 ° C to +90 ° C.
  • Automatic pressure equalization valve (ATA 300 – suitable for air transport).
  • Safe and user-friendly double throw locks.
  • Resilient hinge over the entire length of the case.
  • Suitable for shoulder strap and TSA lock.
  • Comfortable to carry with a soft grip.
  • All materials are designed for continuous use.
  • Equipped with a rigid foam inlay made of fine-pored polyethylene of the highest quality.
  • Precisely processed with an exclusive surface sealing that protects against dirt and scratches.

The following components can be accommodated in the premium case as shown below.

Upper level left:
1x DJI FPV “Ready To Fly” incl. Battery with / without mounted propeller, cross braces and original gimbal protection
5x universal compartments for smaller accessories such as tools, propellers, cables, and much more.


Upper level right:
1x DJI FPV remote control 2
1x DJI FPV Goggles V2 with mounted antennas
1x Goggles battery (total 2 batteries)
4x drone battery (+1 in the drone = total 5 batteries)
1x universal compartment
5x small compartments for cables, spare antennas, etc.

Lower level on the left:
1x large universal compartment suitable for an iPad Pro 11 ”

Lower level right:
1x DJI Motion Controller
1x Goggles battery (total of 2 batteries)
1x large compartment for the function “charge batteries in case” (for 2x DJI FPV 3-way charging hub with max. 3 flight batteries each, 2x DJI FPV power supply and cable)

external dimensions: approx. 555 x 428 x 306 mm
internal dimensions: approx. 500 x 350 x 280 mm
depth: approx . 222 mm lid depth: approx. 58 mm

empty weight: approx. 5 kg

Volume: approx. 49 liters


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