DJI AIR 2 / AIR 2 S Small Travel Edition Rucksack

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Small Travel Edition Rucksack for DJI AIR 2 / AIR 2 S РMaximum protection for the DJI Mavic Air 2 and accessories , in this Outdoor Rucksack with custom-fit inlay made of PE rigid foam. The drone is stowed in the folded state, with propellers and gimbal protection mounted. The compartment for the remote control is designed for the Smart Controller  but is also suitable for the standard remote control (matching foam adapter included). Another insert also serves as protection for the mounted control sticks and offers further space for the ND filter box and the power bank adapter.

Another highlight is the charging in the case ability of the rucksack that allows the 3-fold charging hub to be equipped with the drones batteries and charged lying in the inlay with the power cable running from the rucksack to an external power source. This creates additional storage space for accessories underneath the connected batteries. The additional backpack compartments provide universal storage space for more batteries and any other equipment. The inlay has a special surface sealing against dirt and scratches.

The following components can be accommodated in this inlay:

1 x DJI Mavic Air 2 (also suitable for DJI Mavic Air 2 S) incl. battery, in folded mode, with mounted propellers and gimbal protection
1 x standard remote control or smart controller (with mounted sticks),
1 x foam adapter for standard remote control for perfect fit in inlay
1 x foam adapter for ND filter box and Power Bank adapter
1 x 3-way charging hub with power supply and connection cable (also suitable for UK 3-pin)
5 x flight battery (+1 battery in the drone = total 6 batteries) additional batteries can also be
stowed in the backpack pockets
2 x accessory compartment for connection cables and spare propellers
1 x direct cut-outs for 1 pair of spare control sticks
4 x direct cut-outs for MicroSD card

Key Details

– Compact outdoor drone rucksack
– Outer fabric: 100% (600D) polyester coated with polychloride
– lining: 100% polyester, padding: 100% polyethylene
– Many internal compartments and front pockets
– Secure and user-friendly 2-way zippers
– Breathable padding on back and shoulder straps ensure comfortable carrying – also suitable for longer trips
– Volume control and luggage fixation by side compression straps
– Suitable for various MOLLE recording products, which can also be attached to the backpack
– Equipped with inlay made of hard bi-material foam
– Length-adjustable waist belt with quick-release buckle (also detachable)
– All materials are designed for continuous use
– Equipped with two-coloured rigid foam made of fine-pored polyethylene
– Special surface sealing protects against dirt and scratches

dimensions: approx. 240 x 450 x 260 mm

empty weight: approx. 1 kg


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